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About us

Which Stock Agency is here to help you as stock photo and general stock content buyers - first time or experienced buyers alike - get what you want, at the best price and from the very best source. We are here to help guide you to the best stock agencies and providers of that material, wherever they may be.

There are hundreds of stock agencies around the world but we only list, what we consider to be, the top agencies. We review, update & amend the information regularly in addition to also adding new agencies and removing any that we feel should no longer be included.

Which Stock Agency is run and managed by very experienced stock industry professionals with a combined stock photography history of over a hundred years. No, that doesn't make us very old – it just means there are a few of us with a lot of experience, that’s all!

Since launching Which Stock Agency in 2010, we have also set up Pocketstock but rest assured, there's no preferential treatment given! 

There are three main areas of stock licensing, Rights Managed (RM), where one buys an image for specific usage, over a specific time (most expensive), Royalty Free (RF), which has basically unlimited usage rights attached to purchase in perpetuity, although not for free. Then there is Microstock, which is Royalty Free but often much cheaper and generally shot by amateurs or lesser talent anyway.

It has become recently apparent that Microstock and Royalty Free are slowly merging their offering, see opinion piece Is it the end between Microstock v Royalty Free for more information.

Which purchase model you choose is up to you, although generally there are very few clash of rights that we know of, so RF is often chosen over RM these days. However, if exclusivity is what you require, RM is for you.

We know many major figures that own and work for stock photography companies and a few others beside, so we hope to bring you some very interesting insights from some of these people over time.

Finally, we have created this site to be user friendly; to enable feedback, so please give us your views as buyers, it really will help us create a more useful site. After all it is our objective to give you the very best insight into stock imagery and footage, so any information; from personal buying experiences, to anything you feel we may have overlooked or would like us to add, will be most welcome. 


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