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Best RF producers

These, in our view, are the best producers of Royalty Free photography, ranked in general order (it's not always easy to compare them, as they are not like for like). You should search them out and use whenever appropriate. They are generally available through various resellers, we have, however, listed some of the better sites where they can be bought.


1 Getty Images


2 Blend

They produce ethically diverse business and lifestyle imagery which they describe as "vibrant, culturally relevant imagery capturing real life essence of various...

Image Source

3 Image Source

One of the most established royalty free brands around, they have a very substantial and good quality business & lifestyle collection. Started...

Wavebreak Media

4 Wavebreak Media

I Love Images

5 I Love Images

A producer of high end royalty free images by industry veterans who know how to make a great image. High production values...


6 Fancy

A business & lifestyle collection owned by Veer, who are now owned by Corbis. This collection has high production values and...


7 Cultura

Started by Anthony Harris, ex Getty, at the end of 2007 with a network of 17 founding photographers from across...


8 Johner


9 Moodboard

Launched in mid 2006 by Mike Watson, creator of Digital Vision, they have a very strong team of experienced stock photography professionals...

Photo Alto

10 Photo Alto

Founded in 1994, they're one of the early companies to produce RF although they have since branched out to also produce RM....


11 Uppercut

This collection was originally launched in 2005 by Miles Gerstein, an industry veteran, as an RM collection before being turned into RF....


12 Radius

This business & lifestyle collection is owned by Masterfile who are one of the most established and experienced agencies in the world....

Tetra Images

13 Tetra Images

This NJ production company was founded in 2006 by Tom Grill, an industry veteran with over 20 years experience. They say, their...

CandyBox Images

14 CandyBox Images


15 Westend61

A Munich based production company founded in 2003 which is now one of the largest independent brands in Europe. They produce a...


16 Corbis house brands

Food Collection

17 Food Collection

A specialist food agency which covers everything related to food - ingredients, beverages, cut outs and international cuisine. The agency was founded...


18 Rubber Ball

Started in 1995, this is one of the more established agencies which specialises in people photography . Imagery is quite basic but...


19 Pixtal

Owned by AGE Fotostock Spain, this is a fairly substantial lifestyle and business based collection.

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