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Free Images

At WSA we do not believe giving images away for free is a good idea and it’s certainly not economically viable. You get what you pay for in a commercial environment and if you pay nothing, well, you’re likely to get close to nothing... a reject image, an image that has never sold or even an image that might infringe some copyrights. Who knows? However, if you really have no money, you can’t afford to pay rock bottom microstock prices and you’re aware of potential pitfalls, here are the best resources in our view.

One other consideration, free images are usually used as an upsell ploy, so you may even end up buying an image after all, which is what the majority of you probably should have tried doing in first place!


1 Everystockphoto

This search engine indexes images from all the major free sites and whilst it does aggregate a huge amount of content -...


2 Stock.xchng

Stock.xchng have one of the most sophisticated websites of the stock agencies offering free images. They also have a substantial collection of...


3 MorgueFile

A sizeable collection of images which are all very straightforward to search and download plus you don't have to set up an...


4 PhotoXpress

A very straightforward site where you search and get 2 sets of results - one for free images and one for their...


5 Flickr

Everyone has heard of Flickr and with over 5 billion images online, they certainly have a good collection of free images available...


6 Dreamstime

A pretty limited collection but the Dreamstime website offers good functionality with a fair bit of information about the images. You do...

RGB Stock

7 RGB Stock

A pretty decent collection of free stock images which are all available to use free of charge provided they are being used...

Stock Vault

8 Stock Vault

A fairly small collection of free imagery, clip art, logo templates & textures which isn't available in lots of different sizes (just...

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